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Default Why does Singapore not have a veterinary school?


Question is pretty clear cut: Why does Singapore not have a veterinary school?

1. My current conclusion is that there is the market demand for vets/veterinary service is sufficiently supplied by the Singaporeans who study vet overseas and come back to practice in Singapore.

2. With Singapore's increasing affluence, there is an increasing number of pets, but there is also an increasing number of people studying vet and coming back to Singapore.

3. That being said, it's pretty sad that those who can't afford it cannot study vet and the government probably doesn't feel like this is enough of a reason to start a vet school (given also the lack of a need to deed given market efficiency).

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No long lines outside my neighborhood vet clinic.... Guess the demand not there in my neighborhood.

Anyone finding extremely hard time to schedule a appt for their pets or those clinic packed in the rest of sg?

Ppl are getting more affluent but pets needs love and care. Birth rate low, no time or $$ for their own kids but have time for pets? That's debatable. Anyway bottom having a pet is more than just being affluent.

Even if sg has a local vet program accepting 10-20 ppl, costing just as much as medical school. Not affordable or easy to enter. Do well and go for scholarships overseas. No $$ can only depend on grades.

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