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Default Studying in Thailand

Alright this may sound rather out of the ordinary for some folks here but I'm seriously contemplating going for my degree in Bangkok, Thailand.

The program I'm interested in is:

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management (International Program) offered by Stamford International University

The entire course is run in English by a mainly international/western faculty.

It's a 3.5 year program and total tuition fees come to about SG$22,000.

Living expenses wise, I can survive comfortably on a budget of SG$1,000 a month.

The catch here being that I could choose to go to Australia (Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School) for my final year and graduate with double degrees from both the Thai and Australian universities.

That said, it would require a top-up of about SG$20,000 because I would be paying Aussie tuition fees and not Thai, obviously.

This is still not including the additional costs of living in Australia.

All in all... 2 years of initial education in Bangkok followed by 1.5 year in Australia.

Total tuition bill would come up to SG$42,000.

Can graduate with 1 Thai degree (hmm...) and 1 Aussie degree.


Now some background info about myself:

I'm rather passionate about Thailand, and have been travelling to or living short-term in Thailand almost every month for about 2 years now, and my long-term dream is to eventually open my own little guest-house or restaurant cafe in Thailand or even Laos.

I'm already 25 and come from a background in IT (Diploma from Ngee Ann Poly) and have almost zero skills and experience when it comes to the hotel industry, FnB and all that. Therefore I'm trying to get myself educated and equipped in this industry.

Along the way, I wanna brush up on and polish my Thai speaking and writing until it's near local people standard and ready for business life in Thailand.

Businesses do have a different way of operating in Thailand, and it requires a certain level of street-smartness and knowledge of local culture, and how to react and do things in different situations.

I'm not too particular about salary after graduation, but my main goal is to be able to secure hotel jobs overseas outside of Singapore, and eventually earn enough to set up a small business when I'm nearing 45 to 50 years of age.

I would like to hear some advice though, 'cause this isn't a common pathway which Singaporeans would take.

And what if for some reason, I couldn't make it to Australia for my final year? I'd be stuck with a Thai degree (which may or may not be recognized in Singapore).

Do employers in the hospitality industry of Singapore place heavy importance on degree brand, or does overseas (even if it's Thailand) experience help?

What would suck is that if I would to, say, look for a job in MBS, and I'm overlooked for a local graduate who paid less for a branded degree. Or that I'm only eligible for diploma standard salary, because I took my degree in Thailand.

Kaplan just offered me a place for Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management for SG$16,371 tuition fee. On paper it sounds like a safer bet? But then I would be missing out on overseas experience.

Thoughts? Solid rice-bowl, or go for my dreams?

I would really appreciate mature and practical advice from the people here.

Knock me off my cloud if you need to. Thank you.
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Biz do run differently in Thailand but faulty is mostly if not all foreign.
They have the background to edu u that?
That OZ uni gives me the feel of a degree mill, wouldn't be hard going there.

For $42k in fees might as well go Finland to get a degree since its tuition free.

Hospitality biz is more about the experience not so much on the degree.
If u are taking a loan go for local DL.
Overseas experience in Thailand and degree mill uni, u are not really missing out alot. U can try to get a job there.

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Um blue mountains and Stamford international are really not very well known in the industry.
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Study in Thailand is a good opportunity. In Thailand you can find competent teachers and high class Universities.
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