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Originally Posted by darylimjz View Post
Thinking of doing Economics or Psychology, or if possible even a double degree/major.
If you are considering to do Psychology in Singapore, here's the list of programs in Singapore..
The ONLY informative Psychology website for students in Singapore
SG Psych Stuff..
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Hi, if you're open to attending a 2 year community college in the U.S. then transferring to a 2 year uni of your choice, I could provide you with more information. This is also a way cheaper alternative to going directly to a 4-year uni. To attend a community college, SATs are not required so fret not! When applying to a community college, they will look at your high school grades aka O Levels. I am currently an agent for the top few high transfer rate community colleges in California, namely De Anza/Foothill College & SMC. I was also a student from De Anza College and transferred to UCSD. If you're interested and would like more information, do drop me an email at [email protected] - I'll be more than happy to help you!
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Hi all, I'm not sure if what I'm going to say is applicable but I'm just going to give it a try.

I have never been a good student since young, PSLE 213, 'O's L1R5 20, 'A's CCC GP C5. Got rejected from all local universities. Went to a private sch and took a part time 2 yr degree in Sport Management and giving tuition as the same time. By a twist of fate, I became a full time tuition teacher after graduation. Worked my ass off and got enough students to start a tuition centre. Wanted to earn more money so I went to do relief teaching as well. My schedule goes like this, school starts at 7.30am in the morning till about 2.30pm. Head straight to my tuition centre for my first class starts at 3.30pm till 9.30pm when my last class ends. 4/5 weekdays end at 9.30 while the 'shortest' day ends at 7.30. Weekends are prime time for tuition so its a full day event for both Sat and Sun. Kept to the schedule for about 3 years.

Woke up one day early this year and realised that I am going to be 27 this year. Although I have a successful business, I know that I can't work 7 days a week for the rest of my life. I needed a change and I need to do it before its too late. I have always wanted to study in a proper university, full time, on campus, but I have never been given a chance due to my poor grades. I was toying with the idea about applying for university again, I knew that at my age I need to do something significant, studying something that can make me stand out from the crowd, not just any general business or management degree. My decision was narrowed to the 3 professional degrees, Medicine, Accountancy and Law.

Medicine was out because financially it was too much to take plus I'm an arts student in JC. Didn't take A math in sec sch, combined science. Accountancy was out as well. Law was my only choice left. Fired up the laptop and started the uni application process. I knew that the local unis (NUS, SMU) will never take a student like me for they are just too into grades. Applied for uk universities instead and hoped for the best.

On 31/3/14, I woke up at 6.30am ready to head to school when I noticed a new email on my phone. I was accepted into King's College London to read Law. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the offer letter from such a prestigious university! Never ever thought that this could be possible judging from my education history. I'll be heading there this September to start my new journey in life.

To all those who did not do well in their A levels, do not despair as this is definitely not the end of the road. Take every rejection or failure as a message that you are not ready for the next step in life and instead of sulking and complaining that life is unfair, work doubly hard to get what you want. It may take years, in my case, it was 7.

Oh, did I mention that I got married and had a kiddo in the mean time?

Strive on people, don't give up.
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Default Same situation. Different year

Hi I hope this thread is still active. I find myself in the same shoes as you but the only thing that I don't suffer from is depression. I sincerely hope that after you have become stronger since then

Currently, I'm in the exact same situation as you, never really had a decent pass in any of my subjects and now I am still getting S grades in prelims. I am considering to retake A's if I had to. So just wanna ask how has your journey been like for this year? Did you self study, get private tuition or enrol into private institutions? My apologies because this is based on a heavy assumption that you retook your A's

Also, I have some queries.
1) If I want to retake my Alevels, is the exams that I am retaking on year 2015? I'm confused because there is one private institution that open applications during Jan2015 which last for 16 months and July2015 which last for 10 months.

2) How much are the fees for the uk foundation level? I'm don't have the financial means to go overseas so does that mean applying for uk foundation level is out of question?
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When U state u don't have the financial means I don't really know it means, cannot spare 10k or cannot spare OZ cost of say 200-300k

anyway a foundation program in UK cost around sgd$40k.

cheapest Uni who looks at Os for admission
cost ~cad$20K a yr total. 4yrs ~cad$80k (~sgd$100k)
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