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Default Job Prospects for bioengineering

Wat are the possible career prospects for bioengineering? And wat's the salary after u graduate?
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For Bioengineering, NTU says this:
Graduates who can understand both languages of engineering and biomedical sciences can find attractive opportunities in industries, research institutes, hospitals and organisations that deal with biomedical instrumentation, medical devices, biomaterials, drug discovery and others. Specifically, they may find jobs in companies such as Agilent Technologies, GE Medical, Siemens Medical Instruments, Attogenix Biosystems, and WelchAllyn International; research institutions such as Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Bioinformatics Institute; hospitals such as Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital; or they may continue their study in medical schools or top Ph.D. programmes around the world.
NUS says this:
There is a global growth in the Bioengineering field. Singapore is deeply committed to establish her biomedical industry. Many foreign well-known biomedical companies are setting up bases here. With the launch of Biopolis, the biomedical sciences in Singapore is further liven up. Bioengineers, armed with both biological and engineering knowledge, will find themselves serving industrial R & D companies (Medical devices or pharmaceutical companies), research organizations (Research Institues such as IBE, BII, IMCB, DMRI, etc.), healthcare facilities (Secondary and Tertiary care Hospitals) and government agencies (MOH, statboards like HSA, PSB, A*STAR).
Of course, you could always work in an area unrelated to your degree.

Salarywise, the MOE 2009 graduate survey says that NTU has a median salary of $2,800, while NUS has a median salary of $2,900. This will depend on market fluctuations while you study.
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