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Default NTU/SMU Accountancy.. :/

Hey Everyone~

So I have an offer from NTU Accountancy and SMU Accountancy. I'm not sure which one to pick.. :/

I know NTU Biz School is reputed and stuff, but like I'm worried about the PRC people there (no offence to them but I just don't really get along, experience from sec school), plus the presence of hardcore mugging in NTU by the PRCs/ Indians scares me 'cos quite frankly I can't mug for nuts.
Then there's SMU which I hear is very well balanced and all, but I'm wondering if it is far behind NTU Biz School. Also, there are new rumours about SMU being a new mugger-school. I saw the Singapore Mugger University thread just now.

I'm not really sure.. and I need to make a decision by June 1st! :/
Please heeeeelp. Confused muchos.
I'd be grateful for any comments!
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I have seen the same question being asked in other parts of the forum, so you might want to check those out first, although I admit that most of them are actually comparing NBS Business VS SMU Business rather than Accountancy XD

Faced with the same dilemma as yourself, I have so far been trying to put things in perspective so that I can make a better choice. The first thing that you have to understand is that SMU might be the better choice for Individual A but NTU might be the most ideal for Individual B, so you must know that by posing this question, you will not be able to arrive at a decision based on other people's opinions alone. I am not going to go into whether you yourself knows what's best, but it definitely is better than strangers in a forum, right?

If you need help though, here's something that I have pieced out from listening to/reading/asking other people. I shall post them briefly here, and you may use this as a guide to add in what you've heard yourself and what you need to tweak for your own benefit:

Style of learning
- Mainly the lecture-tutorial system, but has been exhibiting a shift towards the seminar-style of delivery.
- Balance of projects and coursework
- Seminar-style of teaching (as all of us already know by now)
- Project-intensive
- You must learn to be outspoken/quick-thinking. A valuable skill in the business world.

- Has some international exchange programmes, summer programmes, etc
- Internships sourcing: So far I havent heard of great support for all students in this aspect for NTU
- Strong international exchange programmes, almost everyone gets to go overseas if they want to
- Strong links with industry; school helps to source for good internships and even employment opportunities
- There's this thing about "engaging the industry" by SMU that is exhibiting incredible results, whereby they get industry leaders to be part of the advisory boards etc and they thus have vested interests in providing jobs for the graduates. It sounds kinda unfair but we have to know that it's all part of the game called "networking".

Student Life
- Halls of Residences: Good for making many friends, and even from different disciplines like Engineering, Humanities, Art, Science (not sure if you are amenable to mixing with overseas scholars too, but I must remind you that these will be the people you will have to work with if you enter the increasingly globalised business world)
- Vast array of CCAs that are well-established
- Only 2 hostels, mainly for foreign students and not much of a hostel life
- Many innovative and interesting CCAs, but less campus facilities to support them (then again you have the whole city to use)

- For NBS, Acc is a direct honours, but that doesnt GUARANTEE your honours, unlike what some people are alleging (rather unfairly, in my opinion). No 3rd class honours are given, and you can in fact grad without honours from NBS if you perform really badly. It's just a guarantee that you'll get to do your honours year, that's all.
- Also offers the 3-year direct honours option, but from what I hear the majority actually takes on double majors etc and graduate in 4 years, so that they have more opportunities for exchange programmes too.
- Cum Laude system might be easier or tougher to get honours, but local employers already recognise this so no worries about recognisability.

Further studies abroad
- Most US programs require a minimum 4-year bachelor's program, so this might be slightly disadvantageous to all NBS grads who might have opportunities to do Masters overseas after working for a few years.
- Accredited by AACSB for accountancy and business = might make it easier for US entry (although you'll have some trouble justifying why yours is a 3-year prog). I do know of many current profs in NTU/SMU/NUS accty who graduated from NBS Acc (after all it is the oldest prog!) and managed to do Masters/PhDs in the US.
- Follows the US system of honours, and if you stick to it for 4 years, you will be meeting the criteria for most Masters.
- Not accredited yet. No idea when AACSB accreditation will be coming but hopefully soon enough for this batch of graduates? Do note that AACSB accreditation for accountancy progs is rather tougher to come by.
Note: This above point will only be relevant if you even want to consider doing Masters. It's definitely too early to really say if one is going to do Masters, but I guess it will have to be a point of consideration.

- Serene and spacious campus that has plenty of facilities.
- Extremely out of the way. Lowest accessibility among all 3 universities. (not an issue if you're staying in Halls)
- NBS campus looks rather ordinary (and even boring)
- Depending on where you stay, it's the most convenient if you dont stay in the west.
- 10 minutes to town/15 minutes to CBD (great if you're doing an internship during sch term with firms)/5 minutes to Bugis/City Hall
- Right in the heart of Singapore's Civic District (well if you're a museum buff)
- Buildings look unique and relatively newer than NBS
- Security can be considered a big plus since you need access cards. NTU is accessible by ANYONE via bus/car/taxi/legs.

That's all for now, simply tweak it however you like. In the end, you just need to find the best fit for yourself, and there's technically no right/wrong or better/worse decision across the board but more of based on individual preferences! Hope you can make a decision soon!
Do inform us if you have! I'm most likely choosing NBS btw, but don't ever let that affect your decision!

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i think similarityinsuspense's comparison is very balanced and accurate.
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accountancy, ntu, smu

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